About Renee

Fashion Designer Renée Greenstein is the founder of the Women with Control® and ATTITUDES by Renée® fashion lines, headquartered in New York City. Two of the best selling fashion lines on QVC, ATTITUDES by Renée® and Women with Control® are reflections of Renée’s flair, genuine playfulness, and her compelling life experience.

From childhood, Renée developed a passion and a love for people and fashion. In college, she majored in theology but soon realized that this was not going to be her career path. Instead, Renée came to New York City to pursue her interest in fashion. After studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Renée became a fit model and soon found her niche in dresses and sportswear. Renée was able to communicate to designers and patternmakers how clothes fit and to give suggestions on how clothing could be better made to fit all women. During her time as a fit model, Renee became aware that fashion catered to only a portion of women. This inspired her to create her own clothing lines, whose size range spans XXS – 3X, and include petite and tall lengths in many styles.


Renee’s fashion collections have each become global brands, with Renee making on-air appearances on QVC in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy. She is, as always, looking to expand to other countries where QVC broadcasts. Since she first appeared on QVC, Renee has been nominated for numerous awards, including QVC’s Product Concept Apparel Award.

Renée developed a philosophy that she applies to her career and everyday life: No matter what her size or shape is, every woman has wonderful and unique qualities that her clothes and accessories should help her express. Her style mantra “Style is not about size, it’s about attitude”™, is one that she shares with every woman she meets. The more women feel free to accept themselves as they are, the more Renee enjoys her career as a fashion designer.

Today, Renée Greenstein has her own fashion company, along with a great team, called Two Chicks in the Backroom, Inc.  She currently travels from New York to Europe shopping for fabrics and accessories, while researching trends to bring the best styles to her customers that they may express their true selves.”My career has taken me to every corner of the world, affording me the opportunity to be with beautiful women from all different walks of life,” Renée says. “Something we all have in common is that we have the little bit of ‘attitude’ that helps us stand out from the rest.”